Real Estate Developer Mark Saunders Discusses Lion’s Paw No. 3

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Mark Saunders developer, manager of Ocean Ridge Plantation, couldn’t be more proud of what his luxurious golf and beach community has to offer, including four championship-level golf course such as Lion’s Paw.

Lion’s Paw was the first Big Cats golf course to be developed at Ocean Ridge Plantation and it features a par 3 third hole that presents a tough test for even the most seasoned golfers.

Hole No. 3 at Lion’s Paw is a 178 yards from the white tees and challenges golfers to carry the ball over a large lake that is riddled with oyster shells around its bank. The difficulty and beauty of this hole truly make it one that golfers always remember when they play Lion’s Paw.

From an aerial view, Lion’s Paw’s green and surrounding sand traps take the shape of a huge lion’s paw print. This breathtaking view has made Lion’s Paw one of the area’s most photographed golf holes. These unique features not only add to the hole’s aesthetic beauty, they also create a high level of difficulty for golfers hoping to hit the green.

For golfers looking to take a conservative approach to this hole, developer Mark Saunders suggests using the open room to the left and to the back of the putting surface. This should help your shot from landing in the water, but other risks such as bunkers are present and still make No. 3 one of the hardest holes on the course.

On a windy day, Lion’s Paw No. 3 is even more difficult, and golfers will be hard-pressed to find good fortune. However, developer Mark Saunders urges any avid golfer to experience this tricky par 3 so that they can truly gauge their game.

To add even more to this hole’s beauty, the right-hand side of No. 3’s lake is lined with ancient oak trees that are home to some fantastic wildlife, including a bald eagle that has been seen on occasion swooping down to feed on fish out of the water.

The gorgeous views of Lion’s Paw golf course are in line with the beautiful Sunset Beach setting of Ocean Ridge Plantation. This award-winning residential golf and beach club community features elegant homes, top-notch golf, and world-class amenities. All of this is thanks to developer Mark Saunders, manager of The Coastal Companies who has been designing and building homes in North Carolina for decades.

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